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Request for Proposals
Mon Jan 03 07:19:00 PST 2011


E-RATE FUNDING YEAR 14 (2011-2012)

(RFP NO. 002-2011)

Please Note:  In addition to this RFP, the district is soliciting proposals for Internet Access and Wireless phone services.  The process and requirements for Internet Access and Wireless Phone Services are different, and are listed at .
Corrected Update: An optional site walk has now been scheduled for Wednesday, January 19 at 10:00 am, scroll down to the Questions and Answers section for details.
The Martinez Unified School District (MUSD) wishes to receive bid proposals for Wide Area Network services for E-Rate Funding Year 14 (2011-2012). 
The District has seven (7) school facilities and a District Office that are currently connected by a 100 mbps fully managed OPT-E-MAN network provided by AT&T. In addition, the network also extends to the Contra Costa County Office of Education via a 100 mbps link. The existing WAN contract expires on 6/30/2011.
The District wishes to receive vendor proposals for the period of 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2014.
This project is entirely contingent upon available funding from the federal E-Rate program (Schools and Libraries Division) and the MUSD may or may not undertake it at its sole discretion. In addition, MUSD will require that the awarded service provider ensure that all eligible components of service are filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and are eligible for the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) discount.

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All responses are due by 12:00 noon on Friday, February 4, 2011.
Questions regarding the RFP shall be directed to:
Max Eissler
Fax: (925) 335-5960
All questions must be submitted in writing via fax, email or letter. Questions and answers will be posted on this website.   No questions will be accepted after Friday, January 28, 2011 at 6:00 PM PST. MUSD will attempt to post answers within 48 hours of receipt of question, but cannot guarantee a response to all questions.  Vendors are responsible for monitoring the RFP website for addendums, changes and questions and answers regarding this RFP.

Addendums, Corrections, Questions and Answers

January 10, 2011

Question: (In regards to proposing a wireless WAN solution..) "are there any licensed frequencies that are available for the District’s use, or are unlicensed bands preferred?"

Answer: Management is unaware of any licenses held by the district currently, and is willing to consider either licensed frequency or unlicensed frequency solutions.

Question: "This RFP seems to restrict possible proposals to leased data line solutions only.  Will the district consider Wireless WAN solutions as well?"

Answer:  The RFP as written may contain requirements or restrictions which do not necessarily fit with a Wireless WAN solution as the RFP was written to address ERate funding issues, while a Wireless WAN solution would likely be funded through the district's Bond measure in place of (or in conjunction with) ERate funding.  These requirements and restrictions include deployment timeline issues, billing issues, and other requirements.  The district still wishes to consider all Wireless WAN solutions, and will accept Wireless WAN proposals which may not meet all the requirements of the RFP.  However, the responding vendor must clearly delineate all areas where their proposal deviates from the RFP requirements.

Question: (With regard to a microwave network) Have there been any microwave line of site or path studies done? If so, is that information available?

Answer: There have been no line of site or path studies done.

Question: (With regard to a microwave network) Are there additional sites (eg towers or buildings) available to enable line of sight communication if some paths are obstructed?

Answer: The district does not own any such sites, though the district may be able to enter into an agreement with nearby government agencies, or may be willing to lease such space.  Additionally, the Alhambra High School property extends partly up the hill and may be used as a relay site if necessary.

Question: (With regard to a microwave network) Would site visits be accepted, for line of site analysis/verification?

Answer: Vendors should not make unannounced site visits.  In order to accomodate this, the District has now scheduled an optional site walk on Wednesday, January 19 at 10:00 am meeting in the district office at 921 Susana Street, Martinez, CA 94553.  Vendors may submit requests for site walks at other times, but the district cannot guarantee that these requests will be granted. 

Question: Is this WAN design the same as your current design/bandwidth.

Answer: The RFP requirements for the most part mirror our current design and bandwidth, as indicated on this RFP website.

Question: If this RFP represents larger bandwidth than before then what is driving the request; more web based applications, doc sharing between schools etc.

Answer: Future growth and a planned shift to a cloud-centric architecture.

Question: Section G says a minimum aggregate bandwidth of 1gbps.  Will two separate 500mbps connections work.

Answer: With proper load balancing mechanisms this would be an acceptable alternative.

Question: We would recommend a secondary internet access point, either at the CCC Office of Ed or a backup data center somewhere.  This way if District goes  down for some reason, all other sites will still have access to the internet.  Can you suggest an address if other than CCCOE.

Answer: We have no suggestion other than the CCCOE.  The district does not have a backup data center, and we currently have no plans to implement one unless the nature of the selected proposal indicates a need.

Question: What are your key applications used on this network.  Do you use CoS to prioritize traffic.

Answer:  The majority of traffic is HTTP(S), SMTP, IMAP and VoIP traffic.  We currently use CoS to prioritize VoIP traffic at our VoIP-enabled sites.   

Question: In order to deliver service by July 1st we will need signed contracts by April 1st.  Does this time frame work for you.

Answer: Our current intention is to have contracts signed prior to March 24, however this may change depending on the term of the contract and the nature of the proposal.

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