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JANUARY 9, 2012





 from James Akins - Age 18

"When I first arrived at Vicente, I thought it was going to be a  second class high school that just want their students to do their work and roam free.  But after a little while at Vicente, I realized the staff really cares for their students and want them to go far in life.  Mrs. Adams and Ms. Sylvia always helped me, whether it was problems at school or problems at home.  Their advice led me to the path I'm on right now.  Vicente isn't a second class school, its a second chance to get you on the right path in life.

 from Pierin Daberdaku - Age 21

 "Programs and staff gave me the opportunity to succeed, helping me see alternative methods to learning and achieving my goals.  I am currently employed as an Executive Chef at the Ritz Carlton.  I credit my success with the experience and support found at Briones."   

 from Nicole Capps - Age 20

"When I came to Vicente I was struggling with life and school. The worst part about it was I felt like I had no where to turn, and I wanted to give up.  I had trouble learning in a large classroom setting, and I was falling behind every day.  My dreams to be a nurse, and helping all the people who I possibly could were starting to fade. Most of all, I had dreams of graduating with a 4.0, having my parents proud to see my first straight A report card for the first time since elementary school. Vicente turned around all my doubts, making me feel that I could again have dreams and make them a reality. The teachers actually care about you! They put all their efforts into seeing you succeed. I got the individual help that I needed.  I went from being behind to making me feel confident in doing school work. They truly are there for your success. I would have to say that the Senior Exit Exam is the best project I could have done in my senior year. It truly helps you to prepare for the real world. Since I have completed my exit exam I have taken it with me to ever interview I have gone to, and every time I have been given the position I have applied for.  When you bring in the portfolio the person interviewing you looks at you like you are the most organized person who has walked through the door. I have been told that this portfolio makes me look better than any applicant that walks through the door with a list of experience. I am truly proud to show off my exit exam at any interview. This school dramatically increased my confidence not only in me, but life in general. They gave me a different outlook on life; one with success and freedoms. I have become so much more mature since I completed my senior year at Vicente. After completing my time at Vicente I have gone into medical school where I will be completing my Pediatrics Nursing Degree in the next few years. Vicente truly put me back on my path to success. I love everyone at this school!! I would recommend this school to anyone!! Don’t give up! The Vicente family will show you that you can do it, just as they showed me! Thank you so much to all the staff and teachers in this school for showing me who I was and helping me to be back to where I needed to be. I am truly grateful!! "

 from Jack Sutton - Age 18

"Although I only attended Vicente one year, I felt more comfortable there than I did at Alhambra my other three years; the staff there always went the extra mile with every student. They actually get to know you on a first name basis and not just off a roll sheet like all the other schools. To the staff at Vicente, I wasn’t just another name in the computer; I was a student that they saw every day. As a wise woman at the front desk once said with a smile `Vicente is Martinez’s best kept secret.` My name is Jack Sutton, and I approve this High School."  


 from Jared Robbins - Age 19

"Vicente changed my life! Vicente opened my eyes to what I was capable of. I began to see my potential. I graduated in 2011 from Vicente and am currently attending Santa Rosa Jr. College where I am a 4.0 student. I will always carry Vicente and the staff members in my memories and heart! I do not believe that when I am in town, one of the things I most want to do - is visit the school. For future students, I say, do not worry about coming to Vicente, it will be the best thing you could ever do to change your life."  


 from SeanPaul Hopkins - Age 18

"Vicente and Briones is not just a "continuation program," they are the best alternative programs a student could ever experience! When I came to Vicente, I was lost, and the staff helped me to rediscover myself. I am now sure of who I am and where I want to go. To the unsure parents I say, Vicente-Briones are not what you may believe alternative programs would be like, they are so much more!."  


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